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Water Damaged Fuji X100, Want To See What’s Inside?

This is a rather tragic post about a water-damaged Fujifilm X100 camera as documented by James Maher. If you remember, I interviewed New York photographer James Maher over a year ago about his captivating New York prints, this time however, he shared on his blog about his misfortune of bringing his Fuji X100 to a hard-core fishing trip that killed his beloved X100.

Needless to say, a camera like the X100 will bound to have a lot of precision-mounted parts and really tiny screws that hold things together.

Fuji X100 Dismantled

Hundreds and hundreds of X100 Bits and Pieces

James mentioned:

The camera is a giant puzzle of miniscule parts. There were hundreds of hidden, miniature screws, rods, tape and dabs of glue holding it together. It was difficult to take apart to the point where it turned into a game. I’d stare at the thing for 10 minutes until I found that one screw hidden behind something that held everything together. It would be absolutely impossible for me to put this thing back together.

Knowing that this is beyond repair nor will warranty cover the damage, James bravely took apart his X100 completely, stripped it down to it’s bare essential parts to see the damage as well as what’s inside this lovely camera.

You can read about his entire ordeal on his blog.

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