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[Watch] Do’s and Don’ts of Street Photography

Street photography’s one of the first genre most beginner photographers get into.

The random occurrences of a scene and the multitude of subject availability makes it a relatively easy process for photographers with limited budget for lighting, styling, casting, etc. to get into.

But what are some things to remember when it comes to street photography?
Kai from Digital Rev TV has an entertaining video for us. Check it out below:

A lot of great photographers have emerged from their street photography skills. The amount of patience required, as well as being mindful of your surroundings to blend all elements together to tell a story is a skill everyone should learn.


Take Evocative Photographs

Where our hope for a photograph is to communicate more than just information, but to create impact and an emotional response, an understanding of some of the tools to create mood is essential.

This ebook discusses interpretation, golden hour, blue hour, low light, wide apertures, long lenses, and other technical considerations that have an aesthetic effect on the mood of the photograph. Check it out here.

By taking our creative input into consideration we’ll be better prepared to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary; we’ll be “making” photographs instead of simply “taking” photos.

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