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Tutorial Tuesday Presents – Quality of Light

There’s light, and there’s good light.

Whether it’s photography or cinematography, the most important element that classifies a captivating image from a boring one would be light.

This video from Zacuto, the inventors of the famous Z-Finder explains and shows you the different types of light and how to control highlights and shadows.

Pay attention and be entertained! Watch it below:

Film Lighting Tutorial: Qualities of Light from Zacuto on Vimeo.

The understanding of light is the most fundamental skill in cinematography. In this 3 minute film lighting tutorial video, watch and learn about the two basic types of light used in filmmaking and photography; hard and soft. Hard light creates a sharp solid shadow; while soft light creates a rounded gradient shadow. We break down these concepts and show you how to harness their power to improve your lighting.


Have Great Light In Every Shot You Take

Want superb, practical, and easy-to-implement lighting advice? Then Kevin Clark is your man!

His book, Great Light, Easy Light has been the perennial favorite download of iPhotoCourse readers and it’s clear to see why. Great Light, Easy Light is a gorgeous eBook, full of stunning portraits, and is the behind-the-scenes resource you’ll want to have in your digital library as you plan for your next shoot.

The tips and lessons you’ll learn will allow you to be aware of what kind of lighting you can use in certain situation as well as what gear to pack for the best balance of performance, results, and budget. Check it out here.

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