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Tutorial Tuesday – Posing Newborns With Some Composite Help

The “Froggy” pose has been one of the perennial favorite poses of photographers because the resulting pictures of the newborn is absolutely adorable and the parents LOVE them as well.

Let’s look at how to successfully create this great pose for newborns courtesy of Anna Brandt of

Word of advice and caution, this isn’t something anyone should attempt without proper assistance, training, and confidence in handling babies.

If you tend to fumble and force things, please, please, please don’t even think about doing this.

Only attempt this if the parents specifically requested or clearly understands and are comfortable with the pose.

However, if you have a very gentle touch and can train and prep the parent to help you along the way, it’s certainly one pose you have to perfect in your arsenal.


Once you know how to pose, here’s how to do a safe, composite in PhotoShop.

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