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Your Awesome Tutorial on Time Lapse Photography and Videos

Time-lapse photography, when presented and captured correctly, always invoke a sense of awe to the viewer. Would you like to learn how to do it properly?

Well, there’s no better source of learning this technique than from Vincent LaForet,

In this series, LaForet shares everything you need to know to get started like what gear to use, the basic settings and all that jazz.

Towards the end of this four-part video training, he talks about workflow and processing techniques.

What are you waiting for? Watch now!

The tutorials are geared towards Canon EOS users, of course, as LaForet is one of the few Canon Explorer of Light. You can check out the entire series from Canon’s website at the bottom of this article.




Canon only posted two videos out of four on YouTube, but you can click through to the Canon DLC site for the rest of the tutorial, just click here.

Want To Learn How To Do This Step-By-Step?

Nothing beats a good, on-field lesson, and with that in mind, I always recommend bringing a how-to, step-by-step guide when you’re out in the field so you can experiment with a guide right beside you, so to speak.

Dave Delnea’s Timelapse book is an incredibly easy-to-read and follow guide for anyone who wants to get started with time lapse photography and videography fast.

Timelapse: An Introduction to Still Photographs in Motion from Craft & Vision on Vimeo.

In this gorgeously created book, Delnea presents everything from the preparation, timing, light analysis, scene selection and more to help you create the most awesome time lapse images for your presentation.

Check out his book, Timelapse here.

Want to Learn How To Create Your Own Timelapse? Click Here

Timelapse photography is a very simple concept but very hard to execute well.

Without a guide on how to plan and shoot captivating timelapse that stuns the viewer, you'll end up with a lot of frustration just to get a story line that makes sense.

The featured timelapse you saw on this post not just draws attention and retains it, it makes any scene more surreal and "alive" beyond a static photo or a busy video. It surely is a skill worth learning and perfecting.

Check out this great book on how to shoot timelapse well from start to finish. You'll love it! - Click here to know more

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