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Tutorial – 9 Simple Tips On How To Take Good Photos On Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Capturing Your Kid’s Birthday Party

how to photograph kids_birthday_party_tutorial

Image by Stuart Miles

Imagine this, it’s your kid’s birthday next week and you’re so busy in making the arrangements for that event. You have thought about all the necessary details, and the most important thing for you is photographing your kid’s birthday party which will be a memoir for you for years to come and to look back after years when your child is all grown up.

With a little knowledge for taking photographs, a decent camera and some basic tips will give you quite a few keepers for events like this, in return, you will save a lot from not calling for a professional photographer if the budget is tight.

9 Simple Tips On Taking Good Pictures of Your Kid’s Birthday

  1. Simplify your day, entrust the day’s proceedings to your spouse or another member of your family. You cannot be running the event and taking your kid’s birthday picture at the same time.
  2. Check the camera and make sure that is in good working order and you have sufficient spare batteries and memory card space.
  3. If you are unfamiliar with the camera’s function, spend some time to ensure you’ve read the user’s manual for the basic operation of your camera and took some test shots ahead of time.
  4. If the party venue or the park has a stage where in the cake is elevated, carry a soft pillow or a thick towel so you can kneel down to get be at the same eye-level as the kids as they crowd around the cake during candle blowing.
  5. Make sure that you position yourself so that the existing light falls pleasantly on your kid’s face if flash isn’t used. Normally, just make sure that the light is a little off to the side of where your kid will be standing will suffice.
  6. Capture them in their natural moments rather than asking them to pose, 99% of the natural shots will look better than the posed shots. Time your shots when the kids are playing, blowing the candle, and opening presents.
  7. If you’re using a camera that allows you to swivel the flash and there are nearby walls and ceilings to bounce the light off, utilize bounce flash as much as possible. Read about bouncing flash light here.
  8. Don’t forget to BE IN the photos yourself with your child by asking somebody else to take photos of you. Better yet, assign a close family member to occasionally take photos of you with your child.
  9. Lastly, don’t forget to back-up your images before deleting them from your memory card. Copy them to your computer and burn a disc copy so you have duplicates of the original files. Read about backing up your files here.

Go ahead, you can most definitely take great photos of your kid’s birthday party, just anticipate moments, make sure there’s adequate lighting, and take naturally happy photos. It’s simple, fun, and rewarding. You’re bound to have a special set of birthday photos that you’ll be proud of.

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