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Battery Management – La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power Battery Charger

The kit would do nothing without power, and while you can run to any grocery store and grab some batteries for your flash and triggers, odds are high that you’ll eventually use rechargeable NiMH batteries in the long run.Unfortunately, batteries do not discharge and stay charged at the same rate, even if they came from the same sealed pack when purchased.

Over time, each cell will have a different ‘health’ condition that requires different charging time from each other.

Slapping all four or more cells in a generic charger will guarantee that you’ll either undercharge or overcharge your batteries every single time.

You’ll notice that your flash recycling time will suffer as well as battery life will inexplicably be very unreliable when four cells do not have the same charge or capacity.

The La Crosse BC-700 charger is a very advanced charger that allows you to set charging parameters and do health-checking on each cell you plug into it.

It practically guarantees that each cell will be optimally charged as it treats each charging compartment separate from the rest.

You’ll be able to find out which battery you have is a dud and must be replaced and which one to keep.

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