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Modifier – Westcott 2202 28-Inch Medium Apollo Recessed Softbox

apolloMost photographers start off with umbrellas when starting off with off-camera lighting.I did so as well when I first started.After using a softbox, however, the amount of light control a softbox bring makes shooting a lot more predictable and enjoyable compared to an umbrella mainly because of spill control.

While not as easy to open as an umbrella, a softbox is a lot faster to adjust and fine-tune on the field.

The Westcott 2202 is a crowd-favorite, partially made popular by Dustin Diaz of Flickr as almost all his strobist shots use this softbox.

The Westcott 2202 features a lip on the sides of the front diffused that act like flags that allow you to control light spill precisely even without a grid.

In addition, unlike most hotshoe flash softboxes, you actually insert the whole flash unit INSIDE the softbox rather than having the flash fire through the rear of the box.

This allows a wide and more even light distribution inside the box while keeping your setup clean and tidy.

An added bonus would be that your flash will not be wasting light as the moment you fire the light, the light is already being diffused inside the unit.

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