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Light Stand – Bogen 3373 – 5 Section Light Stand

The Bogen 3373 light stand is perfect for those who shoot solo without assistants or have to use public transportation for photo sessions often.This 5-section stand folds upwards and can literally be stowed inside a standard school backpack like a Jansport or similarly-sized rucksack.

It’s light and very reliable, not to mention that all the locks and hinges are made with metal, not plastic fasteners.

I’ve purchased those cheap stands that don’t fold-up in the past, and I’ve broken several units because the leg fasteners were relying on nothing but a plastic film for tension.

My Bogen has been with me around several countries the past 6 years with zero issues whatsoever.

I can just stash it at the bottom of almost any messenger bag or even inside a carry-on luggage with ease. It’s really light too.

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