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RF Flash Trigger – YongNuo YN603 Wireless ETTL Flash Transmitter/Receiver

The YongNuo RF602 trigger has been a very reliable and a fan-favorite for a couple of years now.I personally had 6 of them and none of them failed after 2 years of hard use.However, the new RF603 is a worthwhile upgrade in ease-of-use and general build quality.

It fires reliably up to a distance of 100 metres and uses standard AAA batteries as well. It can also function as a remote shutter release and offers 16 channels to play with to minimize signal interference in high RF areas.

You can’t go wrong with either the RF602 or RF603, but there’s no reason not to get the newer one when the cost differences are negligible.

If you purchased several of the aforementioned YongNuo 560III flash, you won’t even need to buy extra receivers to trigger all of them!

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