The Ultimate High-Quality, Low-Cost Strobist Starter Kit


If there’s one skill that any photographer should get their feet wet in, it has to be off-camera flash photography.

The ability to finally control light where you want it, how you want it to shape, and have total manipulation on the overall photograph’s look and feel is truly a skill worth mastering.

Back then, the only way to do so is through expensive studio strobes that require a wall power supply and a team of assistants to lug them around if you hope to shoot outdoors.

With the advent of the “strobist” movement, using small, battery-operated, hotshoe flashes have liberated millions of photo enthusiasts and opened the floodgates of creative lighting to the masses.

This feature gives you seven must-have pieces of strobist equipment that are not only superb in performance, but also high in quality and most of all AFFORDABLE FOR ANYONE!

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