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Studio Lighting Tutorial: Combining Strobe with Continuous Source

Mixing Constant Light with Flash Effectively

Once again, Jay P. Morgan’s unique style of teaching is here to help us understand how to stylishly combine continuous light and strobes in a studio setting to create stunning images.

All photos are screen-captured from the video, copyright Jay P. Morgan

Here, Morgan is shooting a concept of a gorgeous model/actress preparing in her dressing room backstage with a slew of incandescent orb make-up lights in the frame as well as an exposed continuous light for the hard rim light that emphasize the smoke stack and further separates the subject from the background.

Copyright Jay P. Morgan

Copyright Jay P. Morgan

Copyright Jay P. Morgan

Studio Lighting Video Tutorial

Pay attention to how the smoke is controlled, how the light temperature is balanced, as well as the color blend between the outfit, lighting, scene, and make-up.

Copyright Jay P. Morgan

Copyright Jay P. Morgan

Morgan uses the versatile Nik Plugins for Photoshop for his processing (Lightroom/Aperture versions also available) in this tutorial to blend and play with the color and vignette effects afterwards.

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