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Strappy Problem…

Let me start off with one fact. I did not discover this and frankly, I’m surprised with how common this solution is for the pros yet I haven’t stumbled upon the solution myself until recently.

I’m here today to talk about camera straps. Personally, I don’t really like them. I use an Op/tech Pro Loop strap on 2 cameras right now and both of them are not connected to the neck strap as the strap can be disconnected via fasteners.

The strap only acts as a wrist strap for me unless I really need to let go of the camera and free up both hands. I haven’t had any problems using this strap for years.

Unfortunately for my 40D, I haven’t had the chance to buy a new “loop” for it and I’ve been using the standard Canon strap that came with the camera. As I’ve said, I haven’t used a strap for quite a while, let alone an OEM strap wherein the thicker part of the strap runs all the way to the side instead of just the neck padding part.

Here’s where the problem creeps in, whenever I shoot with the camera in vertical position, the strap gets in the way of the eyepiece. This is even more annoying when you have a larger camera or if you’re using a battery grip as it tends to catch the lower portion of the camera when turning.

Fortunately, Canon’s battery grip (as well as the 1D series) has a strap loop at the bottom of the grip, next to the tripod mount, enabling you to loop the strap in a different manner.

Now, regardless of whether you’re shooting horizontal or vertical position, the straps will stay out of the way!

As an added bonus, I feel that the “rest” position of the camera when hanging from your shoulder or neck is a lot more ergonomic. Your hand just falls straight to the grip without any twist and tangles.

In addition, the whole rear of the camera rests snugly on your side, unlike the “standard” position where the weight of the lens will make the camera tilt downwards quite significantly.

Some more added benefit would be that your strap won’t get in the way (as much) when it’s mounted on a tripod, and the straps will no longer scrape your LCD as often as before.

One caveat, though, if you’re using an extended eyepiece, as I am, make sure your eyepiece is tightly secured onto the camera, it could get dislodged if your latch is worn out (like on my older camera).

What if you don’t have a battery grip? Don’t fret! Just get one of those lousy grip straps from China (they cost like 5USD or so from eBay), ditch the strap and use the base plate that mounts onto your tripod screw mount.

If you’re fine with the standard strap positioning, good for you, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who found the vertical strapping much more ergonomic.

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