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Sony Alpha A99 – First Full-Frame SLT Camera

Sony Alpha A99 – Sony’s Full-Frame Line Up Gets Updated With New Tech! AND FINALLY, THE RIGHT HOTSHOE!

It’s easy to forget that in the realm of digital photography, Sony is still a powerhouse in the market behind Canon and Nikon. The two ‘top dogs’ have the fanbase to keep them on top, but Sony is coming up with more innovations than the other two lazy mature giants.

Sony Alpha A99 SLT

The Sony Alpha A99 isn’t Sony’s first full-frame camera, that falls under the Alpha A800 and A900, but it’s been quite some time since they’ve developed a new camera with a full-frame sensor. Since they decided to come up with a ground-breaking full-frame point and shoot with the Sony RX1 anyway, why not share the same sensor on another new ‘big’ camera?

Sony Alpha A99, No Mirror, All Speed

If you’re not aware of the SLT technology that Sony has been using on their cameras the past couple of years, it basically is a fusion between a tradition SLR’s mirror box assembly with the compactness of a mirrorless camera system. Instead of having a mirror flap up and down, the SLT system has a translucent mirror to let enough light through so you can have AF performance of a traditional SLR.

By not having a mirror go up and down, it harnesses the speed factor of mirrorless cameras, as well as continuous auto-focus function during video shooting.

The Alpha A99 is now the flagship SLT camera for Sony, and here are the specifications:

Sony Alpha A99 Specs

  • Full frame, 24.3 megapixel EXMOR CMOS sensor
  • Bionz Processor
  • ISO range from 100-25,600
  • In-camera image stabilization
  • 19-point auto-focus with full-time phase-detection
  • Fully articulating 3″ 123K dot LCD
  • 100% electronic viewfinder coverage with 0.74x magnification and 2.4 million dot resolution.
  • 6fps maximum
  • Dual SD slo with Memory Stick support
  • 1920×1080 (60, 24fps) Full HD video capture
  • Weather-sealed

Sony A99 Videos

Will Sony be able to get enough traction with this ground-breaking camera to wrestle more market share in the DSLR field? Will you switch or consider moving to an Alpha system?

Let’s not forget one of the biggest complaints about the Alphas since they took over Konica-Minolta’s hardware, that damn hotshoe! As you can see in the photos above, it now uses a standard hotshoe like everyone else! HOORAY!

There are tons of loyal Alpha fans out there and without a doubt, Sony has been making great cameras the past half a decade or so, it’ll be nice to inject some of Sony’s creative innovations into the rather boring Canon and Nikon offerings the past few years.

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