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Site Recommendation # 12 – Photopreneur

Making Money through Photography

Do you want to make money with your photography skills?

Are you aware that it takes much more than photography skills to make a living out of it?

As with many hobby-to-profession dream, a lot of us concentrate too much on the craft itself and forget that the main purpose of going into business is to make money out of it. The first thing an aspiring professional photographer must do is understand the boring important concepts of running a business.

Things like doing accounting, marketing, keeping costs in check, pricing, advertising, etc. are all issues that many don’t bother learning nor want to pay attention to – and ignoring these important business fundamentals are the main reasons why a business fails!

So it’s a refreshing to find a site like that blogs casually about the business aspects of being a professional. Insights, discussions, ideas, and fundamental articles abount, I don’t think any aspiring (or old-timer) professional photographers would find this site boring.

So what are you waiting for? Knowledge is power, and you can’t beat free knowledge shared by other professionals so openly.

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