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Sharing Photos Online? Stuart Sipahigil Shows You How To Use Social Media For Exposure and Opportunities

Practically everyone who has a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. uploads photos to share to the world, but why are you sharing and who’s looking?

Many of us blindly upload everything we capture to the web without a plan, strategy, or goal.

While that’s fine for your personal photos and family shares, it’s not enough if you want to showcase your images as an artist or a professional trying to get leads and customers.

Shoot and Share by Craft and Vision Photo Sharing Tips

Stuart Sipahigil’s new book, Shoot and Share, published by Craft and Vision tackles a trending subject that many photographers miss out. How to leverage social media and online photo sharing to promote yourself as an artist and professional.

The purpose of this book is to help you define your goals for sharing your photographs, understand what opportunities to share are available to you, and take advantage of those opportunities to successfully share your photographs with others.

Understanding why you want to share your photographs, who needs to see them and which photographs they need to see, and where to find your audience and how to get your photographs in front of them is important to your success as a photographer‚ even if you’re not planning to make a living at photography.

Shoot + Share by Stuart Sipahigil (Buy Here)

This 58-page ebook covers everthing you need to know about leaving a lasting impression to the right audience online via photo sharing.

The book covers the following topics:

  • Why Share Your Photographs
  • Who Needs to See Your Photographs
  • Sharing with Family and Friends
  • Sharing with Other Photographers
  • Sharing with Clients
  • Sharing with the Rest of the World
  • How to Decide Which Photograph to Share
  • How to Get Help with Editing Your Portfolio
  • How and Where to Share Your Photographs (Covers everything from online platforms, blogs, prints, etc.)

I see at least 90% of my photography contacts doing all of these wrong and that’s why they’re not getting the right clients or exposure they deserve despite their skills (you know how you are!). They share their expertise and photos to the wrong crowd and audience, hence they’re not getting businesses or opportunities.

It’s easier to sell a steak to a hungry man than another chef who’s in the kitchen cooking a meal. Yet this is what 90% of photographers do, seeking admiration and comments from people who will never buy from them or promote them.

Ever noticed some photographers can get a following that is so strong, there’s virtually no effort getting leads and opportunities even with a basic portfolio while some great artists couldn’t get past their circle of friends in terms of influence?

This eBook tells all and I can guarantee you that once you’ve gone through the book and implemented the tips, you’ll have the right platform and strategy to get the exposure you’re after.

Buy Shoot and Share eBook Now

This eBook is ridiculously cheap at $5, do yourself a favor, click the buy button above and don’t share another photo until you’ve read this great book – Shoot + Share by Stuart Sipahigil

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