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Review – Nissin Di622 Speedlight (for Canon)

NOTE: AN UPDATED NISSIN Di622 MARK II is available, it’s RF trigger COMPATIBLE, read my full review here.

You can trigger the Di622 with traditional RF triggers if you’re handy with a soldering iron,  feel free to try this page (registration may be required, written in Tagalog), or these two videos (part 1, part 2) – Warning, warranty will be void and I won’t be resposible if your flash gets damaged, try it at your own risk.

The Nissin Di622 is well made and works as advertised. If you’re after more power and a unit that can trigger with standard radio triggers without modifications, there is a higher-end model called Nissin Di866 available, which we’ll review in the future.

Returning to the flash review…

Last negative would be that the Nissin Di622 doesn’t offer high-speed sync where you can use your flash beyond your camera’s sync speed.

If you’re after an on-camera flash that doesn’t break the bank, the Nissin Di622 is tough to match in performance and value. It’s a real workhorse used successfully by pros and amateurs alike. While it lacks certain OEM features like the Nikon CLS or Canon Wireless ETTL ratio syncronization, most 3rd party flashes at this price range don’t offer these OEM features either.

The Metz/Sigma counterparts are more expensive, but they do offer ratio-based iTTL/eTTL metering, however (thanks to some forum folks at PotN for providing me these info).

If budget isn’t an issue, I’d recommend you to get an OEM flash, however, the price difference is quite great and sometimes, the differences are not as significant in real-life applications. In most on-camera cases, all you’ll need is a sturdy flash that can swivel and bounce, provides consistent exposures, recycles quickly, and built solidly for your day-to-day shots and even serious event coverage, the Nissin is hard to beat.

Final note and update: As of Feb 2010, the NIKON MOUNT versions can utilize standard radio triggers like Pocket Wizards, Flashwaves, YongNuo, Cactus, etc. The Canon mount haven’t been updated and CANNOT use standard RF triggers.


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