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Review – Nissin Di622 Speedlight (for Canon)

The flash is slightly larger than the Nikon/Canon equivalent with a tilt/swivel head and zoom flash head. The head can turn all the way back, which is very helpful when creating directional light when shooting indoors by bouncing off walls. Interestingly, the flash swivels 180-degrees to the right, instead of the usual left. It’s more useful for a flash to swivel to the right when you’re holding the camera vertically as it still allows you to bounce light off the ceiling.

Having a button-less tilt/swivel head makes it easy and fast to switch flashhead direction.


Standard package comes with a flash unit, a carrying pouch, a flash stand, and user’s manual. The lightstand is very useful when you need to use the flash off-camera, more on this later.


The Di622 takes 4 AA batteries, as usual, but Nissin also has their own proprietary battery that allows much faster recyling time (not available in this review). The battery compartment door slides and tilts before opening, so accidental opening of the battery compartment is reduced.


The flash has a built-in diffuser panel that spreads up to 17mm wide angle coverage, while the zoom head covers a 24-105mm range. The flash also has a built-in bounce card, handy when you need to soften your light by bouncing vertically, while still requiring a bounce card to fill in the shadows.



The flash head zooms and unzooms as soon as you turn your lens’ zoom ring. There’s quite an audible noise present when the flash head is zooming internally, unfortunately.

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