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Useful Photography Tips for Beginners – Take Awesome Photographs Easily


Photography is about how light is captured on a subject or scene. It’s not about what camera you used or what brand of lens you prefer.

If you have decent foundations in photography, the camera you hold has less importance the your photographic vision.

The limitations or potential of the camera your holding will become creative inspiration instead of a hindrance to your final photograph.

  • Composition – Learn basics such as where to place subject, watching out for distracting backgrounds, making use of strong leading lines, looking for a different angle are basic things to keep in mind that can become second nature as your photographic skills grow.
Konica C35V Film P&S

Konica C35V Film P&S

  • See the light – Learn how and why a certain light is falling on a subject or scene a certain way. Always keep an eye on shadows and how you can manipulate light to create shapes, definition, and depth in your photographs. Experiment by simply asking your subjects (move them if they can’t, in case of still life) slightly and see how the light is changing the shape of the shadows.
Olympus Stylus Epic II Film P&S

Olympus Stylus Epic II Film P&S

Those simple tips will get you ahead of most other casual photo snappers in the real world.

Yes, there are a lot of other things that you can and must learn, but as a starting point, those simple, non-technical pointers will let you take better pictures to instantly look more presentable than casual snap shots.

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