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Useful Photography Tips for Beginners – Take Awesome Photographs Easily

There are a lot of benefits from an FLC compared to its larger cousins, though:

1. FLCs are compact. There are countless of scenarios when it is impossible, illogical, unsafe, impractical to whip out a full-sized SLR for image capture.

2. Standard Features. Features that are standard to FLCs for quite sometime are just starting to migrate into DSLR bodies. Impromptu videos, tiltable LCDs, instant macro, live-view framing, face detection auto focus, to name a few.

3. Less conspicuous. A lot of times, when photographing strangers or public places, using a small camera attracts a lot less attention and is less intimidating for your subjects compared to wielding a large camera.

You might want to read my friend’s blog about the advantages of a pocket point-and-shoot camera as well.

So let’s get started – how to take better photos with a FLC, on to the next page..

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