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Useful Photography Tips for Beginners – Take Awesome Photographs Easily

Let’s point out some limitations with digital FLCs first, and there are a few that you have to consider.

1. Smaller sensors – A sensor is like a film surface, that’s where all the captured light gets transferred onto a chip that collates all the info to form a photograph image file.

The larger the sensor, the more efficient the sensor can capture light. A small FLC will have a much smaller sensor compared to even the smallest of DSLRs. That physical difference compromises image quality, noise handling, response times, among others. Fuji cameras are well known to have larger-than-average sensors, but recently, their superior sensors can’t compete with the marketing prowess of megapixel count.

Quite unfortunate. With the upcoming Canon PowerShot G10 digital camera, however, there seem to be a new direction on sensor development for FLCs, so it’s a good sign that we’re moving away from the megapixel hype.
2. Response times – From shutter lag (time difference between the moment you press the shutter to the actual moment a photo is captured) to auto-focus response, FLCs suffer a more sluggish performance than their SLR counterparts.

Part of the reason would be the amount of features that engineers need to cram into a tiny housing, the smaller the camera, the smaller the sensors and chips that process the information needed to create a picture. In high stress environments, a bigger camera usually can do things much faster than a smaller camera.

3. Lens quality – Again, with size being the main issue, the smaller the lens, the harder it is to capture great amount of detail in photographs. This is especially true with lenses that can cover a wide range of focal length. Even with dedicated SLR lenses, the greater the focal length coverage, the lower the inherent image quality, this problem is multiplied on smaller cameras.

4. Accessories limitation – Most FLCs are sized differently from each other, that aspect alone will force manufacturers to design proprietary accessories like batteries specific only to a particular model.

The cost of buying proprietary batteries are higher and less convenient than using standard AA batteries. While there are still a few AA-ready FLCs around, the smaller sized are more marketable and this trend will probably continue in the near future.

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