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Useful Photography Tips for Beginners – Take Awesome Photographs Easily

Canon PowerShot S40 (4MP)

Canon PowerShot S40 (4MP)

How to easily improve your photographs even with pocket cameras

With the prices of entry-level digital SLRs dropping to insane levels, it is easy for a beginner to think that a professional-looking DSLR will create better pictures outright, which is totally untrue.

This photo was taken by a 2002 Canon PowerShot S40 with 4 megapixels. Lighting came from an opaque fiberglass roof from above. Model is my son.

While I do use a digital SLR most of the time, I’m a big, big fan of using portable fixed-lens camera point-and-shoots, digital or film. The simpler the camera, the easier it is for me to operate, the more creative you have to be – not to mention you always have the excuse of “hey! I was using a cheap, automated camera!” (partial joke here).

Seriously, though, a DSLR will surely make your photography better, no doubt. From the higher resolution of the sensors, much faster response times, better auto-focus, considerably better lens, and all the accessories you can add on to create higher quality output, there isn’t a doubt that a DSLR is better suited than a fixed-lens digital camera.

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