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Photoshop Tutorial – Subtle Dragan Effect for Portraits

Andrzej Dragan is a renowned Polish photographer, musicial, graphic artist and also a Quantum Physicist as well.

I was fortunate enough to meet the man in person last year when he shared his provocative art and how he goes from concept to final output.

His attention to detail is superb wherein almost no element in the final image is by chance.

He’s also superb at Photoshop, not just in terms of creating his signature looks, but also manipulating the images so subtly that you won’t even know what was real and what’s manipulated. The final image always turns out to be stunning and captivating for the viewer.

The video below from Shadow Tutorials one of the simplest tutorials we’ve found that recreates Dragan’s effects on portraits. Check it out and practice with your own images.

Remember not to overdo these effects though. Throughout the years, I’ve seen countless new photographers use effects like this excessively and inappropriately, making really tacky images as a result and spoiling what otherwise could be a great final image.

Best way for you to see when and where this effect can be applies is to visit Dragan’s site (link) and analyze his lighting and subject matter.

Have fun, twist it a bit to suit your image needs as you experiment more.

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