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Photoshop Splatter Dispersion Effect Tutorial

Ever seen those cool particle-shatter effect in fashion or movie poster ads? If you’re wondering how that’s done, here’s a super-easy tutorial by erockshop that will demystify this great effect.

I strongly suggest you try this out with an image with a clear background as it’ll make the effect more pronounced and more impactful.

Watch the video below!

Professional Sharpening Techniques to Make Your Photos POP!

Do you find that your image sharpening lacks that "pro" quality you've seen?

Have you considered purchasing a separate sharpening software or plugin?

Look no further because this Photoshop® Action requires nothing more than Photoshop® to run! We've put together a great Action pack which includes 7 different and extensive sharpening techniques to give your photography a professional and finished look.

As you all know, the unsharp mask tool can produce unsightly halos and doesn't yield the high-end results you may be searching for, but this Action Pack does.

Give your photos the finishing touch they deserve!

With this Action, you'll be able to:

* Professionally sharpen photos without halos or noise
* Sharpen your high-res images to perfection.
* Sharpen in ONE-CLICK, or have full control with 2 versions of each sharpening technique.

Check out this great action set here.

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