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Photoshop – Skin Blemish Correction Workflow for Web

7) Apply a High-Pass filter to this layer. The amount will depend on how much blemishes the skin has and how large the original file is. In most cases, the less correction needed, the lower the amount required. For this example, I’ve used a High-Pass setting of 7.

You’ll notice that the image became sharper and the pores more evident. We solve this problem by inverting the layer by pressing CTRL+I. You’ll now have a relatively blurry/soft image.

8 ) Create a Hide All mask for this layer and paint the areas of the skin with a white brush set at 100%, avoiding the eyes, eyebrows, hair, clothes, and mouth as much as possible.

9) Again, blur the mask for a more seamless blend. We now have this result, the skin soft while the other features are still sharp.

This is how the skin looks:

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