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Photoshop – Skin Blemish Correction Workflow for Web

4. Set your foreground color to white and select a soft brush set at an opacity of about 10%. Using the white brush, paint over the grey layer where the dark shadows are. Adjust your brush size as the areas you’re painting gets larger or smaller.

5) Apply a Gaussian Blur on this dodge/burn layer to soften the transition between your dodged areas and the original.

This is what we have after the two layers.

6) Next, we will remove some smaller pores and reduce the size of the larger pores on the skin. We’ll be using the High Pass filter for this step.

Combine all the existing layer to create a new merged layer by pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E. This creates a new layer containing all the changes we’ve made. Change this layer to Soft Light.

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