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Photoshop – Mid-Tone High Pass Sharpening

4) Move down to the Blend If group and adjust the “this layer” slider to affect only the midtones. (You’ll need to hold the ALT key to “split” each of the sliders into two.

Hiding the background layer, you can see what is affected by the sharpening we’re going to apply in the next step. The shadows and highlights are not affected.

If you want to include more shadow range, just slide the black sliders more to the left.

5) Go to FILTERS >> OTHER >> HIGH PASS. On a large image, I prefer using a range of 5-8 radius. You can always tone it down by adjusting the opacity later, but you can’t increase the radius once you’ve applied it, unless you’re using CS3, which utilizes Smart Filters. Here, I used a radius of 5. Apply the filter.

6) Zoom in 100% and adjust the opacity to your liking (I used 80%).

Here’s the before and after.




Hope you like it.

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