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Photoshop – LAB Your Colors! 5 Steps to Make Your Colors Pop!

Here’s a tried and tested method to improve colors of your images using Photoshop’s LAB color mode. This is very easy to do and without the color clipping pitfalls that occur in RGB modes when you’re saturating images.

Some classroom notes to be mentioned first. The LAB mode in Photoshop is separated into three channels, the Lightness channel, which contains the luminance data of your image. The “a” channel contains information from the green spectrum to the red spectrum (left to right), while the “b” channel contains information between blue to yellow (again, left to right).

Working with LAB mode allows you to play with your color values without worrying about losing details in your color channels unlike in RGB and CMYK modes.

Here’s our starting photo. Click on the next page to get started with the tutorial.


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