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Photoshop – Improving Landscape Photographs

6) Change the Blend Mode to “Multiply” and you’ll instantly see a polarization effect on your sky.

7) But we have a problem, the transition between the modified sky and the mountain/horizon is very ugly, we’ll need to soften the transition.

We can do this simply by BLURRING the mask thumbnail. Go to FILTERS >> BLUR >> GAUSSIAN BLUR, adjust the slider until the hard line disappears.

I applied around 20 radius and got this…

Looks decent enough. You can adjust the layer opacity if you think the sky is too blue.

Subtle yet visible. I’ll leave it real purple for now, for illustration purposes. Right now, we have this:

A much improved polarized sky effect with fluffier clouds. But we’re not done, we haven’t address the flat, boring foreground.

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