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Photoshop – Five Easy Steps to Produce Intense Colors in Your Photographs

Level: Easy

Here’s a very simple way to produce intense colors come alive in almost any photograph using Adobe Photoshop. I use it in many of my outdoor photos where there are vibrant, solid colors in the background that will complement the entire scene if the bold colors are part of the composition.

Choose an image with big patches of colors and open it in Photoshop, then let’s get started.

Here’s our original image.
Ocean Park

1) Create a Curves Adjustment Layer and right-click on the newly created Curves layer and select “Blending Options” to open the Layer Styles window.

Add Curves Adjustment Layer

2) Change the layer’s blend mode to “Soft Light”, then reduce the opacity to about 80%.

Layer Style Window

3) Now go to the Advanced Blending section and reduce the Fill Opacity to 80% as well.

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