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Photoshop – Easy Vintage Color Toning with Gradient Maps

6) We’ll need to change this Gradient Map layer’s blend mode to “Color”.


7) We then reduce the opacity to 50% to reduce the saturation for a more realistic output.


After all that, we now have our final image!


By changing the gradient stop colors, you can easily change the look and feel of your image!


So there you have it. I hope this will add another trick up your Photoshop sleeve! Don’t forget to use effects like these sparingly if you’re applying them onto a set of photographs.

Last tip: If you are going to use this for portraits, it is advisable that you add a layer mask and reduce the effect further on all areas of skin tone. In the example below, I added a red to green gradient adjustment, but used a soft brush at 50% opacity to mask off the skin areas.


A – Original (shot with color negative film)


B – Color Toning Applied (no mask)


C – Skin Areas Masked

Subtle, but essential to mask off the skin.

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