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Photoshop – Easy Vintage Color Toning with Gradient Maps

5) To change the color palette, we’ll need to change the black square at the bottom left, and the white square at the bottom right of the gradient.

To add more “colors” in between, we can click on any point between the black and white squares to add another color hue.

For this example, I want to my image to have a blue-to-yellow “expired, cross-processed film” look.


As you can see, I used a navy blue shade on the left (shadow side), then chose progressively lighter shades of blue, then added some green and light green-yellow for the highlight side.

Remember that these are NOT absolute values, you can choose any color combinations you want, as I’ll demonstrate later.

After choosing the desired color gradient, we can click “OK” and close this window.

We’re almost at the end of the step, let’s finish this on the next page.

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