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Photoshop – Create a Simple and Effective Watermark in Adobe Photoshop

Protect Your Digital Images with A Watermark Or Signature Created In Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a simple yet effective digital watermark in Adobe Photoshop to protect your photos from unauthorized usage. You can use the same techniques to add a customized signature to brand your images as well.

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The convenience and immediacy of digital photography allowed us to learn quickly and share our work to the world with ease. However, this ease-of-use also translates to ease-of-theft. Thousands of digital images are used without permission everyday and many owners are unaware that their photos are being used.

Using a watermark will not prevent your images to be stolen, as a matter of fact, any image posted on the internet can be stolen and reused by anyone with an internet connection. However, adding a watermark can act as a deterrent as it takes a considerable amount of effort to remove the watermark.

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For those who prefer reading text, however, I’ve documented the process here as well. My apologies for not having images, my photo gallery plug-in isn’t working. I’m working on it and will update the post over the weekend as I get some bugs fixed.

How To Create a Simple Watermark in Photoshop

1) Open your image in Photoshop. Ideally you should be done making changes to this file including re-sizing.

2) Create a new blank layer to put your watermark text in. You can also use the TEXT tool directly to enter your desired text, which automatically creates a new layer.
3) To create the copyright symbol, you can either use the Custom Shape Tool and select the copyright symbol, or use standard ASCII code – “ALT 0169” on your number pad. Again, it can be any text you wish, so if you just want to put your website URL, or yourname photography, that’s fine as well.
4) On that newly created layer (where the text resides), change the Blend Mode to Soft Light and reduce opacity to about 30-50% (adjust to taste).
5) Right click on your text layer and open the Layer Style window. Look for the Bevel and Emboss checkbox on the left menu and activate the effect to finish off.
6) Reposition or align your completed watermark then just flatten and save your file!

As you can see, adding a watermark or signature on digital photographs using Adobe Photoshop is a cinch! Go try it out!

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