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Photography For Good – Photography + Charities = Positive Change

When you think about a photography event, what springs to you mind immediately? Gorgeous models, stunning landscapes, breathtaking wildlife, dollar signs perhaps.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in what we deem as worthy subjects for our cameras, but from time-to-time, there are more meaningful and beneficial acts carried out through photography – and this medium is a powerful way to get some charity work done quickly and effectively.

Honoring Charity Events Big or Small

In this article, I’m simply going to present honor some great photography acts held recently aimed to help others in more ways than one. I hope you’ll like this.

Brian Baer of Baer Photography

Brian Baer’s company, Baer Photography found a simple and effective way to help the Kearney Area Animal Shelter’s need for food supply for its animal residents by accepting only pet food as payment from his clients. Owners of more fortunate pets can use pet food to pay for their own pet’s portraits.

For Baer Photography, not only will he get a healthy dose of new clientele, he’ll also be raising a serious amount of pet food for the shelter as Jamie Jensen, director of operations at the Kearney Animal Shelter mentioned:

“Food is a large expense for our shelter. We are very appreciative and happy to accept approved items, monetary donations and we are always looking for additional volunteers.”

For more info, visit Baer Photography’s Website.

Teresa Berg Gives Pooches A Better First Impression

Like it or not, we judge most things in life visually, and for dogs who are looking for a new home, poorly taken dog photos practically guarantees they’ll never find one and end up being put down.

Teresa Berg had a simple idea, an idea that only a photographer could think of – make the dogs likeable!


Unlike humans, dogs don’t get a second chance to show who they really are beyond the mugshot that most adoption posters give them. Most of the time, the dog photos appear like viscous, red-eyed monsters ready to tear your head off even if they’re perfectly docile.

Teresa’s studio shots of these homeless dogs turned out so well that 100% of the dogs she photographed ended up being adopted in a very short period of time.

To know more about Teresa, visit her website.


International Education Aid with Photography

Photography Without Borders is an Australian-based organization that recruits photographers from all over the world to create fantastic images to sell and a large part of the proceeds goes back to fund schooling projects of that particular area that was shot.

Quite smart! What better way to say thanks to the land that gave you a splendid photograph than give back to the entire community?

If you’re interested, go check out Photographers Without Borders’ website.


Be There At Their Lowest Point, Parents Need Comfort Too

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep has one of the most tear-jerking charity drives and I honestly can’t think of a more direct and personal way to help a devastated family through photography.

NILMDTS helps parents cope with the passing of their unborn or newborn child through great photographic memories that gives life to the young child that never had a chance to see the world.

The photographers are given training kits and well-planned guidelines to give lasting, positive, and healing images of the babies so that the parents can heal and cope with the indescribable pain of losing a child.

Visit Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep here.


Social Change through Photography

Founded by Anna Blackman and Tiffany Fairey, PhotoVoice is one of the most established photography charities around today.

By introducing photography to those in need, PhotoVoice events enable the beneficiaries to speak through their photographs, not just with words. Opening the visual story telling that only a first-person perspective can tell.

From issues on poverty, human rights, children’s suffrage, and more, PhotoVoice’s professional approach goes beyond commercial photojournalism.

Check out the PhotoVoice website for more info.


Connecting the Supply with Demand

Photo Philanthropy bridges the gap between charities and non-profits’ need for photographers and photographers who are constantly looking for meaningful projects to work on.

An annual award for collaborations between photographer and non-profit organization opens up a path for amateur photographers, students, and even professionals to respected social campaigns and media attention as well.

Visit for more details.


The Power of Imagery

This goes without saying, photographs transcend and break barriers of communication. An image can change things for the better, or sometimes for worse. But regardless of what genre of photography you’re into, there’s bound to be a way for our talent to benefit the society as a whole, and not just our ego.

Why not check out some of the organizations and ideas above and maybe you can start something of your own to help a cause you’re passionate about?

If you have any ideas you want to share and brainstorm, voice them out in the comment section below, you’ll never know who might find your idea profound enough to start something big.

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