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Hours of Photography Words of Wisdom | You Wouldn’t Want To Miss This As Bambi Cantrell Speaks

Learn Model Posing and Lighting

Bambi Cantrell is one of the most well-respected “old-timer” photographer who have successfully transitioned into the digital realm with no hiccups.

I first read about her in the The Art of Wedding Photography: Professional Techniques with Style book and the How to Photograph Bride & Groom in VHS quite a long time ago. I was surprised when she was still as popular as ever when digital photography kicked in and saw her again in a more recent video series, Focus on Fabulous Window Light.

Bambi Cantrell Posing and Lighting Tutorial

Bambi’s an excellent teacher and she’s so engaging. She teaches photography so well that you learn so much without her holding the camera at all, which goes to show how most fundamental and creative aspects of photography are achieved before the shutter is pressed.

In this series of FREE video from CreativeLive, she shows you all the mental, creative, and business aspect of being a portrait photographer and guides you through the nuances posing and establishing rapport with your subjects.

The videos are LONG and spans for hours, so enjoy and learn!

This is an amazing series of videos and I’m happy that CreativeLive provided it for free.

Insightful Quotes

Learn When To Press The Shutter and Move On…

The first quote came about when Bambi was discussing about being more engaged with the photography process and not get into the ‘shoot-and-spray’ mindset. It’s not just lip service for you to feel “superior” about not needing that many shots or proving anything to others. The practical aspect of being able to know when to shoot and when to keep moving to another scene not only saves you time in shooting useless, redundant images, but also the time in processing/delivering the images to the client.

I Want Them to See Beautiful Photography Equals Great Photographer… Great Photography Isn’t Great Photoshop Tricks.

The second profound quote above holds true for professionals and unfortunately, many pros are still in the amateur mindset concentrating on impressing peers and forum junkies rather than their clients.

Just like any product in the market, the end product is the only thing your customers care about, by showing them unfinished work is like showing a customer how an animal is slaughtered before it arrives on their plate. Show the best and what they’ll receive in the end and nothing else.

Bambi Cantrell Posing and Lighting Tutorial

Two things that cause your subject not to respond, Number one, you’re as boring as hell!!! If you have a personality of a carpet, you aren’t going to get great pictures!”

People are a reflection of who you are…

I’ve yet to meet a photographer who can claim they’ve perfected the rapport and connection part with their subjects ALL THE TIME, so for most of us amateurs, having access to this insanely valuable information is just gold. You can’t expect any emotions in your images if you don’t help set the mood and atmosphere for the entire shoot.

Hope you liked it and please, please share this on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and what not, all your photographer friends will love you for doing so!

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