Photography Shooting Tips


Collapsible Reflectors Tutorial to Tame Harsh Sunlight

The sun is an incredible tool, or more accurately, light source for photographers. Whether you want it hard or diffused, all you need to do is use the right reflector or scrim to shape the light the way you want it. … [Read More...]


Photographing Orcs and Fantasy Scenes with Von Wong

Tired of pretty models or still life subjects? How about some axe-wielding orcs for a change? Check out Von Wong's approach on tackling this creative project. … [Read More...]


Tips to Get You NOTICED as a Professional Photographer

In a sea of seasoned pros and hopeful rookie professionals in the photography scene, how can you stand out from the crowd? Tons of helpful tips and pointers in this video for you to consider. … [Read More...]


How Newborn Baby Shoots Happen [BTS]

Delicate, silent, and intricate, that's what newborn portrait photographers like Ali & Lizzie approaches their photoshoots with these cute subjects. … [Read More...]

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Post Processing Tutorials


Double Exposure Tutorial with Photoshop

Merging two photos in one, especially when done with a creative flair, can produce highly captivating art work. Check out this tutorial on how to do it in Photoshop. … [Read More...]


Eye-Popping Color Correction and Toning with Color Efex Pro

Flew Designs shares this advanced post-processing technique using Nik's Color Efex Pro 4 and Photoshop to get this eye-popping creation. K/div> … [Read More...]


10 Photoshop CC Secrets Photographers Must Know

Photoshop CC is a worthwhile upgrade for any Photoshop user, particularly photographers. Do you know all these neat features? … [Read More...]


How to Quickly Add Watermarks and Signatures in Lightroom 5

One of the best things about Lightroom is the ability to apply your watermarks in a very predictable and consistent manner. This quick tutorial will demystify and quicken your workflow. … [Read More...]

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Gears and Reviews


Easy DIY diffuser from Scrim frame

Learn how to use these cheap but highly useful items to create a lightweight, affordable, and highly useful scrim for your lighting needs. … [Read More...]


Use the Right Head For Your Tripod

Whether you plan to shoot a lot of macro, panoramas, or portraits, a tripod will always provide that reassuring steadiness that guarantees a sharper image, but if you're confused as to which tripod head you should get, then watch this guide. … [Read More...]


Head to Head, Sony A77 vs. Nikon D7000

The Sony Alpha series have been making quite a stride in the digital camera market, particularly with the serious amateur and professional market. How does it stand up against the Nikon D7000? … [Read More...]

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Business of Photography


Outdoor Portrait Location Scouting Tips Before You Meet The Client

Tony Northrup shares his insights on what kind of locations you should be checking out for your next outdoor portrait session and how to find them … [Read More...]


Lessons on Setting Photography Pricing Packages

Jared Bauman shows you how to set your own packages and pricing that will bring you real profits that the customers are willing to pay for. Stop the … [Read More...]


Lukas Gisbert on Advertising for Your Wedding Photography Business

Advertising by itself is a complex enough subject even for the pros. What can you do as a small-business owner for advertising when it comes to your … [Read More...]

Video Shooting Tips and Tricks


Live Events Filming Tips [Videography]

Megan Amideneau has some great tips on how to film high-stress, live events. The tips she shares are perfect for the rookie videographers. Check it out. … [Read More...]


Rapid Shooting Techniques for Wedding Videos

Here's an awesome, quick, 7-minute video training tips on how to quickly get your wedding video sequences. … [Read More...]

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Be Inspired! Featured Themes and Photographer Interviews


Beatles Photographer Harry Benson Interview

How cool can your job be if you're the designated photographer for the greatest band of all time? Harry Benson talks about what it takes and his experience as the Beatles' photographer. … [Read More...]


Featured Photographer – Andreas Sjödin

Get to know fashion photographer Andreas Sjödin and how he works with models to get the final photo have that unique connection between subject and product. … [Read More...]


Beyond the Water Drop – Unusual Water Photo Interpretations

While water drop photography is almost luck-based serendipity, careful planning and post-production can take simple accidents into artwork … [Read More...]


Behind the Scenes of an Award-Winning Stylist Photoshoot

Award-Winning Stylist Kelly Lundberg takes us behind the scenes in this photoshoot for Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. Oftentimes, photographers get all the credit behind a fashion or commercial … [Read More...]

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