Photography Shooting Tips


Fundamental 3-Point Lighting for Portraits

Knowing the fundamentals not only sets you up for better creative options in your photography, but it also gets you out of tricky situations where simplicity is the best approach to produce professional-looking photos. The 3-point lighting setup … [Read More...]


DOF Control for Sharper Photographs

Getting sharper images isn't just about getting a camera with gazillions of focus points. Understanding the mechanics and physics of why photos are tack sharp or blurry lies not only in hardware, but depth of field as well. … [Read More...]


Basic Fundamentals – How to Get Sharper Images Instantly

While DSLRs are already shaped in a way where it almost forces you to hold it securely, there are a lot of small adjustments you can make to keep the camera as steady as possible for the sharpest images you can get out of your equipment. Check this … [Read More...]


How To: High Speed Powder Effect Flash Photography Tutorial

Learn how to create really cool powder splash effects in your studio shots using flour (or powder, but that's more expensive) in this tutorial … [Read More...]

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Post Processing Tutorials


Adding Cool Background Textures to Portraits with Photoshop

Go beyond blank walls and backgrounds. Learn how to add cool textures to your portraits with this lesson from the good folks at PHLearn.com … [Read More...]


Harness the Power of Focus Area Selections of Photoshop CC

Cutting objects from backgrounds has never been easier with Photoshop CC's new features such as the Focus Area selection option. PHlean has this awesome tutorial on how to utilize it. … [Read More...]


Mastering RAW Exposure Processing

Capturing your images in RAW mode of your camera maximizes post-processing opportunities and gives you the ability to work with as much data as possible from your camera. Learn how to control exposure and adjust settings with Adobe Camera RAW to get … [Read More...]


Lens Correction Strategies Using Lightroom 5

SLR Lounge shares this great run-down on how to use Lightroom 5's awesome lens correction tools to make your images look more natural and visually pleasing, check it out. Full text tutorial link … [Read More...]

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Gears and Reviews


Three Important Points to Know When Buying a Tripod

[Read More...]


Head to Head, Nikon D810 vs. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

The DSLR development has slowed down quite significantly from two years ago. But the top-tier pro-sumer full-frame cameras are still battling it out and here we have a nice head-to-head between the Nikon D810 and the venerable Canon EOS 5D Mark III … [Read More...]


DIY Your Own 1000W LED Light Panel for Photo and Video

Everybody needs light... The cheaper, the better, right? In our current technological stage where video shooting is as important as still shots, having a constant, non-flash light source is indispensable, especially when you don't have access to good … [Read More...]

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Business of Photography


How to Price Your Photography When You’re Still Starting Out by Emily Steuck

Setting prices when you're still new in the business is one of the toughest tasks a business owner has to make, and if you're a photographer who … [Read More...]


5-Minute Tip to Get More Photography Clients

Jennifer Tori of Seniors Ignite shares her tips on finding new clients for your photography business. … [Read More...]

White thumb up next to the like from social networks on blue bac

Try this Facebook Strategy to Get More Photography Clients

Facebook is often misunderstood by many photographers. Most photographer pages are nothing more than pushy sales pitches and turning the wall into a … [Read More...]

Video Shooting Tips and Tricks


Top Cinematographers Share Their Secrets in Hollywood Blockbusters

A candid but insightful conversation between 5 top-level cinematographers and their work. … [Read More...]


Breaking the 180-degree Rule in Videography

The 180-degree rule is a simple but essential guide to follow for all videographers to allow smooth transitions and editing. Like all rules, there are situations where rules are meant to be broken. … [Read More...]

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Be Inspired! Featured Themes and Photographer Interviews


Ridiculously Adorable Backlit Kids Photos

Adding rim lighting adds dimension and separation of subject to background naturally, but sprinkle in adorable cuteness and bubbly subjects like kids, the combination can't be beat. Enjoy the works of … [Read More...]


Mouth-Watering Food Photography Examples

Ready to salivate? Check out these excellently styled and photographed food from Flickr artists. … [Read More...]


Beyond the Cliché, Superb Mother and Child Portraits by Mexico Rosel

Tired of the fake poses, heart-shaped hands on belly type of mother-child/pregnancy photos? Mexico Rosel brings a classy and low-contrast documentary style to show the intimate relationship between … [Read More...]


Amazing Bike Stunt Video Shot Entirely with an iPhone

This video is a perfect example of how solid techniques, editing, and story telling trumps equipment. Check this out! Flip Champagne - iPhone 5S short movie from Léo Ginailhac on Vimeo. … [Read More...]

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