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Olympus OM-D E-M1 First Reviews Spotted!

As a current owner of the ground-breaking Olympus OM-D EM-5, I have to say that I should’ve kept my mantra of waiting for a 2nd generation model to come out.

While I absolutely adore the camera’s capabilities, design, and size, there are quite a few bugs it needs to sort out and some globally-recognized quality issues as well.

When Olympus leaked some news of an updated OM-D, it came as a strange rumour as the model was the EM-1.


I thought it was a lower-end version of the EM-5, like an Olympus PEN EPL-5 with a viewfinder, but no, it seems like a “Mark 2” version of the EM-5 that I own now.

As always, I rely on two main sources when it comes to Olympus reviews, Steve Huff and Ming Thein. This time, Ming got his review out first so I’d like to send you to his blog to check out first, then here”s Steve’s, the Phoblographer, and finally, DPReview.

The EM-1 seems to have improved it’s video capabilities as well, which is good news for me as I try to get better with video shooting.

Ming stated:

Perhaps the whole review is best summed up as this: you’ll know that I simply don’t have the time to review things that aren’t interesting or relevant for my personal or commercial work; however, on the basis of my evaluation over the last week, I’ve ordered a pair of E-M1s – one for set up for stills, and one for video work.

Steve added that the EVF is just spectacular:

The viewfinder is AMAZING!! This is a HUGE improvement over the E-M5..when I say the EVF is amazing, believe me, it is the best looking EVF fro any camera to date, period. The grip feels NICE..just right.

I really like the looks of the new cameras as the buttons are placed in a more DSLR-like manner and I think the improvements in specs are great as well.

With a mature lens line up, great sensor balance between speed and noise control, it can only get better. How much better/ You’ll have to check the review links above.

Dpreview stated:

We’ve not used the E-M1 for quite long enough to give it a full conclusion, but, even as someone who really liked the E-M5, it looks a lot like the E-M1 may have done enough to steal its crown.

Finally, here’s a great feature on Steve’s site that Edmond Terakoplan shot with the E-M1.

Are you an EM-5 owner? Do you think you’ll upgrade to the new EM-1 after reading these reviews?

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