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Olympic Fever – Sports Photography Tutorials from the Experts!

Olympic fever is here and outside London, many countries are jumping on the sports hysteria and having a lot of smaller-scale sports events worth attending to.

If you have kids in high school or college, their sport events may be just as competitive so there’s no reason not to arm yourself with the best sports photography tips around.

Sports Photography Settings and Gear

First, we can start off with camera settings and what you need to get ready. Conor Quinlan of Moments of Nature Photography shares some very, very helpful tips on how to get your DSLR ready for action and sports photography.

We follow it up with Scott Kelby’s talk on effective and efficient sports photography tips. He talks about the gear selection and settings that pro photographers use often. Enjoy this one.

Tips and Techniques for Great Sports Photography

Craig Golding is one of Australia’s most famous sports photographers, and he shares his expertise on how to take special, eye-catching sports photography in difficult light, panning techniques, and others!

Finally, we have a video from Jon Willey c/o Adorama TV about how he plans, manage, and execute his photos for the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team.

These tips are pretty damn golden. I’m sure with some practice, knowledge of the sport, and familiarization of your camera, great sports and action photos will be second nature to you quite quickly!

Now go practice with these tips and share this post to your photographer friends as well using the buttons below.

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