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Nikon D800 News | New Megapixel King Bags 36MP Resolution

Nikon D800, New King of 35mm Resolution?

Nikon D800 36MP DSLR

A great deal of smoke about the probable successor to the popular and widely acclaimed Nikon D700 has been surfacing the past few hours dubbed the Nikon D800.

The Nikon D800’s availability is rumored to be around November/December 2011.

The new Nikon D800 is reported to be more of a supplement model to the D700 than a straight-up replacement to the Nikon D700, much like a baby D3X. In a way, the D700 shares the same function as the D3s in terms of low-light ability and sport burst capability, while the D3X and the new Nikon D800 is geared towards studio use and still life with high resolution and lower fps burst.

Maybe it should be called D700x instead. Anyway.

Preliminary specifications of the Nikon D800 according to various sources:

  • Resolution – 36 megapixel, FX mount full-frame Sony sensor
  • 1080p/30 video mode
  • 3.3″ LCD
  • 4fps at full resolution
  • New AF system with face recognition
  • SD card slot support in addition to standard CF
  • External microphone ready
  • Approx price of US$4,000

Nikon D800 vs. D3X and Medium Format?

This seems a bit strange to me in terms of product positioning as the Nikon D800 will practically eliminate any reasons to invest in a flagship Nikon D3X. Which makes the Nikon D800 look like a (much) better Canon EOS 5D Mark II more than a D700 replacement.
The price is staggering as well for a non ‘full-size’ pro camera body. It seems like the previous upper echelon cameras (D3X/D3S as well as the Canon 1D series) are getting squeezed out by their smaller premium models in terms of technology, pricing, resolution, and appeal as well.
The new speculation would be a more exciting because that means Nikon may probably have a high-speed, lower resolution Nikon D800(s?) up its sleeve as well, hopefully retaining the attractive D700 price point.
It’ll be interesting if the Nikon D800 indeed will sport an AA-filterless sensor. That’ll be a big game-changer for still-life and studio shooters. It seems like the DSLR full-frame cameras have their cross-hair aimed towards the medium format resolution cameras with their high MP offering.
The Nikon D800 seems like a niche camera and not targeted to the masses or event/wedding photographers, which I think is a more lucrative market segment. Time will tell if this high-res, medium-format competing realm will work out for the manufacturers.

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