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Nikon 1-Series J2 Officially Released

Nikon Mirrorless 1 Series Updated with J2 Model

After the news of Canon’s late mirrorless arrival with the EOS-M cameras, Nikon today officially announced an updated version of the mirrorless 1-series, J model cameras, dubbed the… wait for it… J2!

Same Camera, More Features

The Nikon J2 looks very similar to the original Nikon J1 released over a year ago. In fact, it’s practically the same camera with more bells and whistle for the most part, which is quite a bit of a disappointment.

The J2 retains the small sensor of the J1, which will not make really convince many photographers as it’s still smaller than the well-established Micro 4/3 standard of Olympus and Panasonic, and it’s also significantly smaller than Canon’s EOS M sensor, let alone the APS-C sensor of Sony and Fuji.

The main feature upgrade lies on the high-resolution 921K dot screen. Which is nothing to brag about.

New 11-27.5mm Zoom Lens

The Nikon J2 is also accompanied with a new Nikkor 11-27.5mm lens. The lens gives a strange equivalent field of view of a  30-74mm lens on a full-frame 35mm camera. Which is quite limiting.

I don’t really know what a great camera company like Nikon is thinking with their cameras outside the DSLR range, as none of these camera make sense commercially or photographically. It baffles me how Nikon can make such great DSLRs but miss the point all the time their smaller cameras.

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