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News | Canon EOS 1D X Released – New ISO King and AF Monster With Sample Images

Full Frame Attack – The New Canon EOS 1D X Released! With Sample Images!

Canon EOS 1D X DSLR Full Frame10th Generation EOS 1D series, so we now have the Canon EOS 1D X! Now the 1Ds line seems to be defunct, combining the speed of the EOS 1D line and the full-frame sensor of the 1Ds, the Canon EOS 1D X now can position itself the THE preferred single camera for both sports and wedding/event professionals alike.

Flagship Dilemma

It must be difficult maintaining the top-of-the-line professional camera bodies for Canon and Nikon.

Canon’s semi-pro models such as the EOS 7D and popular EOS 5D Mark II are so competent in technical specs and price that it’s getting harder and harder to justify spending $8,000 on a professional camera body these days.

The Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III has been Canon’s flagship full-frame camera since 2009! In digital camera years, that’s ancient!

You really need to throw a curve ball and impress the pros to get this pro-line going again… and that’s what Canon did.

Canon strikes back with a big BANG with the Canon EOS 1D X flagship full-frame DSLR! Check out the specs and sample images!

Just a reminder, the key features for the 1Ds MKIII were:

21MP Sensor (no big deal since the 5D Mark II has the same, Sony sensors beat it by 3MP as well)
45-point AF (just like the previous 1D series, still behind Nikon’s 51-point AF in terms of numbers)
Weathersealed body (not really a big deal as most cameras are pretty sturdy these days)

If you scrutinize the specs on the 1Ds Mark III, most of these features have been featured on cameras that are 1/4 of the price recently. It seems that Canon and Nikon have successfully made their pro-models prime for extinction unless some big technological advances are made – and the current Canon EOS 1Ds Mark IV doesn’t seem to be it – makes these pro-grade cameras worth investing on.

The Canon EOS 1D X just revamped the whole darn thing and made the 1D series relevant again. The specs are unreal and unless they make a silly move of putting 2/3 of these things into the EOS 5D III, the differentiation between a pro cam and an enthusiast camera is now clearly defined.

Canon EOS 1D X Specs

Many speculated that the Canon EOS 1D X will aim its crosshairs on medium format cameras’ resolution field. But Canon officially mentioned that the Canon EOS-1D X specs are:

  • Full Frame 18 Megapixel Sensor – Largest pixel pitch ever.
  • Dual DIGIC 5+ – 17 Times The Processing Power of DIGIC 4
  • 61 Point AF with 21 f/5.6 Cross Type Sensors, 20 f/4 Cross Type Sensors and 5 f/2.8 Cross Type Senors
  • EOS iTR AF (Intelligent Tracking & Recognition Auto Focus)
  • 12 Frames Per Second RAW / 14 Frames Per Second JPG Only
  • Dedicated DIGIC 4 Processor for the AF/AE functions ONLY
  • Native ISO range of 100-51,200 Max ISO of 204,800!
  • 100,000 Pixel RGB Metering Sensor
  • EOS iSA (Intelligent Subject Analysis)
  • CARBON FIBER Shutter mechanism with Life Cycle of Approximately 400,000 Shots
  • Improved Video Performance
  • Finally, twin CF Card slots (from the previous CF+SD combo)
  • Ethernet Connection


There are more tech details that most existing 1D users will salivate over that’s more complex than anything I’ve seen. The Dual DIGIC V processors alone has show really clean ISO 25,600 according to reports.

The Canon EOS 1D X is expected to be available on March 2012.

Canon EOS 1D X Sample Images and Videos

As of today (Oct 18), I only found these sample images and video from Canon Japan. There’s also a video clip there for you to check out the video powers of the EOS 1D X

You can read more technical goodies about it on dpreview.

How epic is that? And yes, it seems like the megapixel war is almost over!

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