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Newborn Baby Posing Tips and Techniques

Baby photography david tong

My sister just gave birth to an adorable baby girl a few weeks ago and naturally, the first thing she wanted to know was how to take some nice baby photos of her little princess.

While the realm of really high-end look of newborn photography should be best left to the trained, specialized photography professionals, it’s always a good idea to learn how things happen behind the scenes to get a better understanding on fundamental lighting, poses, and compositions that work well with these babies.

The challenges of baby photography are primarily hinged on safety as well as psychological fear of the parent in hurting the newborn when curling them up.

Don’t forget that the baby has spent nine months in the womb all curled up. Curling them naturally will not induce any harm to the child, as long as you use common sense.

Here are some great videos for you to get started in understanding what goes on in a baby shoot and how you can practice with dolls or similar shaped objects, if you or your spouse are expecting.

Methodology and Primer of Newborn Baby Photography

Preparing for the Shoot

Getting the Most of Your Session

Prep, Setup, and Lighting


Lighting For Older Babies

Props and Background Elements

Also, if you’re looking for newborn photography props, check out this link for some ideas.

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