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Mesmerizing Photos Of Foggy Scenes

Despite our obsession with sharpness in photos, sometimes, what we really need is some mystery and evoke emotions to tell a more compelling story with one photo.

Capturing fog isn’t as easy as it sounds. Beyond the nailing the exposure, it’s difficult to predict when and where the fog may appear as well as incorporating sharper elements in the frame.

We hope the following images of foggy pictures give you a new perspective on foggy scenes and elements. Enjoy and please add them to your Flickr contacts if you enjoyed their work.

Foggy sunrise in Dubai #1 by Catalin Marin

Foggy sunrise in Dubai #1 by Catalin Marin

Foggy Morning at the Beach

Foggy Morning at the Beach by John Frisch

Foggy morning

Foggy morning by Adrian Petrisor


Fogged by Lars Jensen

Fog in the Morning / Frühnebel
Fog in the Morning by OnlyPointFive

horses in fog
Horses in fog by Wally Hofker

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