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Magical Blue Hour, Get Inspired With These Pieces of Art

The magical blue hour. That brief moment after sunset before the depths of the night crawls in has got to be one of the most accessible yet stunning times to capture images. By contrasting the deep, unadulterated blue hues with yellows and orange of sunset streaks and street light, it’s a splendid time to take photos.

Here are some great blue hour photos to inspire you to shoot some yourself tonight. Have a great Friday!

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Copenhagen Harbor - Blue hour by Michael Christensen

Copenhagen Harbor – Blue hour by Michael Christensen


Master the Golden Hours!

The fleeting moments approaching sunset or sunrise.

You wish to capture these amazing colors, the details, and the complexity that this light can evoke. But as every photographer who has taken their camera to the horizon knows, mastering this brief window of time and the stunning light surrounding it, is extremely difficult.

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