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Macro Photography Basics — Lens, Techniques & Light

Small subjects, endless creative possibilities. That’s what macro photography often offers to many photographers regardless of level and skills.

The ability to control almost the entire scene due to the relatively small subject, often static, allows many photographers to train their composition and technical skills intensively without the nuances of a larger subject or scene.

The video below covers the fundamental basics on macro photography from the type of gear you should be investing and most basic settings to use to get started. Check it out.

Mark Wallace of Adorama TV breaks it down for you.


Need Help? This Will Fast-Track Your Macro Experience

Andrew Gibson’s Up Close from Craft and Vision is the best $5 you’ll ever spend for a macro resource.

88-spreads of close-up photography primer that fits all brands and sensor type of cameras, as long as your camera can shoot macro, ALL of the tips in his book are easy to digest and instantly applicable.

Find out more about Up Close here.

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