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Lightroom 5 Full Portrait Retouch Workflow – Wednesday Wicked Processing

Adobe Lightroom 5 has been a big hit in the photography community. The improvements from Lightroom 3 and 4 are just immense and if you’re a portrait or fashion shooter, the new tools that allow you to do portrait retouching allow you to get great images out quickly with awesome results or let you spend less time in Photoshop if you choose to go in-depth with your editing.

Let’s check out what Terry White have to say about Lightroom 5’s new portrait retouch tools as he shares his workflow in the video below.

There you have it, a great and simple workflow that allows you to non-destructively retouch a portrait all within Lightroom 5’s new tools.

lr5devessThe results are clearly amazing considering you don’t even have to deal with layers, masks, frequency separation and other advanced techniques.

If you want to learn more about Lightroom 5 and grab some great presets to use to further improve your workflow and photographs, you have to check out Lightroom Development Essential.

Essential Development for Lightroom 5 is more than an eBook, it’s also a toolbox of 100 presets giving you a range of building blocks and looks to help you get to your final image quickly.

Presets are a great way to cut down your editing time and with Sean’s toolbox at the ready you’ll have a custom styles and tastes right at your finger tips. Presets are a great way to see what the effect will be by hovering over the preset name and viewing the result in the Navigator window. Installation instructions are included to help with the cataloging process.

Check out Lightroom 5 Essential Development here!

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