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Lighting Tips Specific to Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is timeless and delivers a different feel to almost any photograph when done correctly.

However, many photographers misuse black and white photography in one of any of these reasons, do you as well?

  • To salvage a poorly exposed image
  • To save an image that can’t be color corrected
  • Any boring scene and classify it as “street”

It’s a shame that this is a growing trend, but you can most certainly step out of this mindset and treat black and white photography as a separate genre within the general photography category and excel in producing captivating images in mono.
Watch the two videos below by Adorama TV and Slanted Lens’ Jay P. Morgan for the basics in black and white photography before you even convert the image in your image editor.

Black and White Book Bundle To Upgrade Your Skills

Black and white photographs are a different medium than colour and require an ability to see in monochrome.

Becoming aware of the differences between black and white and colour images, in both how they are seen and what makes a great black and white image, is the first step to capturing images that will work powerfully in monochrome.

The bundle also includes sections that look at the tools needed to turn a colour digital negative into a spectacular-looking black and white image using the software of the digital darkroom, specifically Adobe Photoshop.

In addition, the creative jump will be covered in the bundle. It walks through Toning, Split Toning, Exposure Blending, Textures, and the creation of Diptyches and Triptyches, all without losing sight of the idea that one’s work should be driven by vision.

Lightroom user? No problem, Piet Van den Eynde has an exceptional course on creating black and white photographs in Adobe Lightroom and that's covered as well!

Click here to know more.

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