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LCD Protector for Samsung Galaxy Camera from Expert Shield

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is one of my favorite “gadgets” recently. It’s just a liberating product when you’re an Internet and social media addict like myself.

However, if there’s one thing that bugs me about the camera, it’s the relative fragile-ness of the camera, particularly the areas surrounding the large screen.

As you can see from our 6-month-old unit, it has gone through quite a bit of scrapes and bumps, after all, it’s owned by my 9yo son — yes, he’s dropped it twice onto a pavement already.

[Note] There’s a giveaway for LCD screen protector later in this article, make sure you read through the entire article for joining instructions.

We’ve been lucky that both drops were not direct-to-the-ground impact (the camera probably hit a thigh or shoe before hitting the ground) to cause the screen to flex and crack.

Samsung Galaxy Camera LCD Protector Expert Shield

Samsung Galaxy Camera LCD Protector Expert Shield

I’ve seen the whole front screen crack diagonally as well just because of the relative size of the surface being weaker against torsional flex compared to small screens.

While an LCD protector couldn’t protect a surface from a nail going through, the new plastic compounds used in good screen protectors offer a huge advantage in preventing torsional cracks and sharp gouges from everyday use.

Cheap eBay Protectors

I tried looking for screen protectors specific for the Galaxy Camera during the first month of ownership but that proved futile because of the unconventional 4.8-inch screen.

It took a few months before finding made-for-Galaxy-Camera.

Unfortunately, most of them were pretty lousy. They either are too thin, doesn’t stick well, or affects the touch-feel of the surface so much that it became “squeaky” and drags a lot when we try to use the device for gaming or browsing.

Samsung Galaxy Camera LCD Protector Expert Shield

Samsung Galaxy Camera LCD Protector Expert Shield

Not to mention a slight tinge of yellow hue and reduction of screen sharpness with these cheap options.

Some of them didn’t even fit correctly, leaving as much as 3mm of unprotected edges!

In short, it’s ugly, and I’ve tried three different sellers/products already!

Expert Shield Screen Protector

Ed Tyson from Expert Shield UK was kind enough to send me his version of the LCD protector to try, and I gladly accepted the opportunity to change our older plastic cover.

Samsung Galaxy Camera LCD Protector Expert Shield

The Expert Shield version claims to have an anti-scratch coating, ultra high transparency and offers a crisp surface to swipe your fingers on.

How Did the Expert Shield Fare?

Quite well, actually.

The installation process was pretty much the same as many other LCD protectors, however, the thicker nature of the sheet made air bubbles less of an issue and I didn’t have to go through a “wet” method (wherein I often use a glass cleaning solution first to suspend the cling film) to get a bubble-less installation.

The image display closely resembles an unprotected screen and I’m getting slightly less reflections as well from the large screen.

[Note: My son’s going through his Minecraft session on the Galaxy Camera when I was preparing this write-up and I didn’t get the chance to take after photos.]

Overall, it was a good replacement and well-worth the switch from name-less plastic films.

Expert Shield Screen Protector Giveaway — Special Raffle For iPhotoCourse Email Subscribers Only

Expert Shield UK is giving away another Samsung Galaxy Camera LCD screen protector (worth £6.95!) through iPhotoCourse and I’ll provide the instructions for joining via email on July 1st, 2013).

If you want a chance to get this free Expert Shield Samsung Galaxy Camera (3.8″) LCD protector, sign-up now to our mailing list with this link.

Go check out Expert Shield UK’s line-up of LCD protectors for cameras. They ship internationally and even to South East Asia, I received my protectors in a week, and Ed’s a cool chap to talk to.

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