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Review – Konica C35V Small Film Rangefinder Camera

If my history lessons have served me right, the Konica C35 series was launched back in the late 1960s as simple, point-and-shoot cameras for the general public. The term “General Public” usually means that the cameras will be very simple and devoid of manual controls and other bells-and-whistles.

The C35V is the simplest of all the C35 series. It lacks a self-timer (the “V” badge replaced its place), it lacks the flash guide numbers present in the other C35 series, and it only offers zone-scale focusing unlike its brothers that employ rangefinder focusing.

Nevertheless, that’s the whole point of the C35V – simplicity.

You load the film as you’d normally would in most film cameras, set the ASA/DIN rating knob at the front of the lens (maximum of ASA400), pre-determine your focus range, then shoot.

The Konica C35V (like all of the other C35 series cameras) comes with a 35mm f/2.8 lens. Right on top of the lens is a metering cell that’s powered by a PX675 battery, which is no longer available due to its mercury content. You can use an Energizer Zinc-Air hearing aid, size 675 (blue) batteries with no problems at all as it produces 1.35V as well.

Speaking of batteries, when I received the camera from the seller, it was shipped with a 1.5V watch battery, while it did work, it caused erroneous meter readings and underexposed my first two rolls by roughly half to 3/4 stops. Theoretically, I could’ve just dialed a lower ASA setting in cam than the actual film used, but I’ve already bought the Energizers when I saw my negatives.

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