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Joshua Tree during the 2013 Perseid Meteor Shower – Video Inspiration

Despite the rise of video popularity, many photographers who own cameras capable of shooting great videos are still reluctant to learn this awesome feature in their cameras.

The next time you experience a special occasion, whether you’re travelling or just out on a photo expedition, give video a try. When executed well, they’re a add a special touch in your presentation rather than just a series of photos alone.

Check out this great Perseid meteor shower video by Evosia Studios on how the pros do it.

Be inspired!

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The Perseid meteor shower is one of the most spectacular showers of the year. This year, instead of shooting it myself, I decided to host a workshop to introduce other artists to the wonderful world of capturing nature through timelapse.

This film was made by our crew of timelapse newbies and myself over 4 days. You'll see dozens of meteors zip across the sky against a backdrop of the Milky Way. You'll also see scenes with smoke from the nearby Banning wildfire that occurred during our first day at the workshop.

About the workshop:
Taught by timelapse filmmaker Henry Jun Wah Lee, participants learned how to shoot everything from static to multi-axis, day to night, and astro timelapses. The 4 day workshop also covered how to process RAW photos into Ultra HD resolution 4K videos.

Thanks to Kessler Crane for supplying the motion control devices for our participants. Shot with Kessler Pocket Dolly, Cineslider, Shuttle Pod Mini, Shuttle Pod, Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly, Revolution v2 Head, 3 axis Cinedrive, and Oracle controllers.

For more info about our workshops:

For more behind the scenes:

Music : Red Letter by The American Dollar

Workshop sponsored by Kessler Crane

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